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Cattle in Pasture

National Youth Horticulture & Agriculture Project


The Black Cowboy Coalition National Youth Horticulture & Agricultural Project is a nationwide initiative that aims to enhance food security, social education, and community leadership. Our project centers its educational efforts on Horsemanship,  Urban & Traditional Farming, and Agricultural Skilled Trades. Students will gain hands-on training in various subjects including  Hydroponics,  Farming, Equine Education, Animal Husbandry, and Community Food Systems.


Our National Youth Horticulture & Agricultural Project targets individuals in low-income, underrepresented communities primarily consisting of Black/African American, Indigenous, and Hispanic populations. We specifically target youth between the ages of  7 and 18. In most cases, we collaborate with local agricultural organizations, barns, and ranches to establish long-term programs that benefit the surrounding community.

Community Engagement Program

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