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Building Legacies Program

The Building Legacies Program works in parallel with our Business Development 101 Program. This program focuses on knowledge areas inclusive of the following: 

  • Financial Literacy 

  • Real Estate 

  • Credit 

  • Computer Literacy & Enhancement

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Business Etiquette

  • and more..... 

We feel these knowledge areas are important because most of these subjects are not taught in school, and in most cases not taught by  parents. To be successful not only in business, but it in life - it is important to be knowledgeable and well rounded; thus making these tools accessible to our communities is imperative. This is why we, the Black Cowboy Coalition say "It's More Than Horses - It's a Lifestyle" and we stand by that. It's not just about riding horses, it's about Building a Legacy - Building Strong Communities -- but to get there, it all starts with Building a Strong, Solid, and Impenetrable Foundation. 

Community Engagement Program

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