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Community Mentorship Program 

Exposing the community to Horsemanship is the goal of most Black Cowboy ranches and organizations, and we work to support and continue that effort. It is important to us, however, that our community members know that horses are accessible, and Black Cowboys do exist.

Our partnered Cowboys work with community members individually and in group settings to guide, and coach members through horsemanship, and in most instances LIFE.

To learn to ride horses is a fantasy to most, especially those who were/are raised in inner-city urban areas with a lack of access to even the simplest of life's luxuries.  We want to show our community that learning this skill IS possible, accessible; and it's not a fairytale, it is REALITY and in that reality, they will have supportive guides to assist in their journey.


We mentor these individuals on a personal level to ensure that they not only find success in riding horses, but they find success and confidence in life - even if the odds appear to be stacked against them. 

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Community Engagement Program

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