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Cowboy Leadership Development Program (cLDP) 

In this program, aspiring Cowboys/Horsemen will obtain meaningful experience combined with technical skill development within Horsemanship. We partnered with experienced Cowboys to help design and deliver a sensible program in which guides youth and adults serious about entering the realm of horsemanship in varied areas.


The cLDP program takes place over the course of several months where participants work and learn alongside our partnered instructors to gain hands-on experience within the industry. This program encourages youth and adults who have the desire to build a  career within not only Horsemanship, but also other areas such as Ranching, Equine Sales, Farriering, Grooming,  etc. 

Participants will have the opportunity to experience varied rotational assignments and training which will help build not only confidence, but the technical, professional and leadership skills required to excel in their fields. The cLDP program requires commitment, and significant effort from all to ensure overall success, growth, and a very rewarding future.

Community Engagement Program

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