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Our Mission is to Build, and Strengthen communities by exposing youth & adults to immersive programs and experiences within the Agricultural Industry. Through exposure to opportunities within horsemanship, urban farming, and agricultural related trades - our organization provides an adaptable framework for Community Sustainability & Economic Stability.  

Our focus at the Black Cowboy Coalition, is to develop & execute educational & leadership programming.  We expose inner-city youth and adults to the many facets of the Agricultural Industry; while also providing guidance and mentorship within the areas of  business ownership, financial literacy, and community engagement.

Through various programs, partnerships, and initiatives - we assist Black Cowboys in keeping their stables and businesses funded and operational so they may continue to serve the community. 


Black Cowboy Directory

We are a centralized directory, and one stop resource for Cowboys, Ranchers, and Saddle Clubs. Utilizing our network, we can help employ, and supply human resources to ranches by connecting / leveraging existing talent.  Via our FREE & user friendly database for information on Black Ranches, and Saddle Clubs nationwide. 

Community Engagement Program

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