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The Team

Who We Are

Aisha McElroy

Aisha McElroy

Founder & Executive Director

In September 2021, Aisha established the Black Cowboy Coalition, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth and adults nationwide; and forging stronger bonds among Black Cowboys and the broader community. As a 5th Generation Cowgirl, Aisha is dedicated to preserving the esteemed legacy of her ancestors, who were renowned Ranchers and Cowboys from Texas and Louisiana. With a degree from Howard University and an accomplished career as a Corporate IT Management consultant for Fortune 100 companies, Aisha adeptly blends professional success with her fervent dedication to community service. Through the Black Cowboy Coalition, Aisha is on a mission to spotlight and elevate Black Cowboys, Horsemen, Ranchers, and Farmers, while cultivating deeper community connections.

Will North

Will North

Philanthropy Adviser

Will North is a cultural worker and community historian based in Houston, Texas. Through his writings artwork, and organizing he explores and helps to facilitate intergenerational dialogues in shared spaces.

He develops curriculum as a mentor in a leadership program for teenage boys and has worked with children of all ages as a volunteer art history instructor in area schools. He organizes cultural immersion trips to expose the young men to the world outside of their city of origin.

Will’s research seeks to build upon the long tradition of African and African diasporic interventions in cultural institutions.


Sela Cobert

Social Marketing Strategist

Sela Colbert is from Atlanta, Georgia. Sela has been riding for 6 years and is the owner/operator of 404 Stables. She is a social butterfly who makes friends wherever she lands!

O'Nicholas Lindsey

Community Engagement Advocate

From community activist to cultural advocate, O’Nicholas Lindsey has always been one to support and engage our people. Even though I’m currently a resident of Charlotte NC, I’m still a country boy at heart.  By joining the board of the Black Cowboy Coalition, I vow to protect the legacy and do my part to flourish our black equestrian community. 


Bradley Witherspoon

Volunteer Engagement

Bradley Witherspoon is a dedicated father and professional at the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). He's passionate about the outdoors, finding solace in nature's embrace. Bradley's newest adventure as a novice in horsemanship perfectly complements his love for exploration, adding an exciting dimension to his life journey.

Community Engagement Program

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